one of my best friends moved to atlanta, so that’s a good excuse to spend a weekend there. right?

my adventures in atlanta always start at the nearest waffle house. this isn’t just personal preference, it’s law.

img_3657after my obligatory waffle breakfast at 3 in the afternoon, we decided to take a look at atlanta from the top of the world. having a ferris wheel in your city is one of those perks that give your home a little oomph, ya know? skyview is one of the best ways to take atlanta all in. whether you’re taking on this adventure alone or with your friends, you’re in for a beauitful view. both day & night.

between the travel & my instant itis attack, i was ready for a nap (that kept me in the house for most of the night). but downtown atlanta reeled me in for a few good phtoto ops. it’s a good spot for locals & non-locals alike. something is always happening. and they have so much to offer to the public. you could spend all day right in this circle (trust me, i have). here’s a list of more things you can get in to downtown:

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day two, i wake up bright eyed & bushy haired ready to explore a part of atlanta i’ve never seen. after a morning movie & a little shopping at phipps plaza, we made our way to the real fun. hello, ponce city market!

on a beautiful sunshiney day, ponce city market is the only place i want to be. there’s shopping…there’s more food than i can dream of….and most importantly there’s a rooftop park with carnival games. for only $25 you can spend your whole day enjoying the views from skyline park & playing a few games. see if you’re any good at mini golf. have a skee ball tournament. hop in the photo booth.  watch the sun set. walk around inside the market. buy yourself a bouquet at jj’s flower shop. sneak in some exercise at corepower yoga. there’s just so much to do. hit it up & live your best life. me personally, i had a photoshoot all over skyline park. it’s such an instagrammable spot, i couldn’t help myself.


did i mention the easy access you have to the artsy atlanta beltline?



4f76c8e0cccc4ad6a5dab9ba320ba51f.gifi’m sure you could’ve guessed that florals would make their way into my fashion diary at some point. so here they are. floral on floral is as fun for me as denim on denim. matching it takes a few tries, but it’s a statement once you pull it together. Continue reading “FLORALS FOR SPRING.”