there are two types of people in this world:

those who love mom jeans. and those who simply can’t pull them off.

if you’re the latter, don’t tell me how much you hate them. just don’t. actually, just leave. because mom jeans are (one of) the best thing that’s happened to me. they’re insanely comfortable, probably the best version of denim. Continue reading “NOT MY MOM’S JEANS”


4f76c8e0cccc4ad6a5dab9ba320ba51f.gifi’m sure you could’ve guessed that florals would make their way into my fashion diary at some point. so here they are. floral on floral is as fun for me as denim on denim. matching it takes a few tries, but it’s a statement once you pull it together. Continue reading “FLORALS FOR SPRING.”


we’ve all been here before…

it’s friday. you don’t even want to go to work. much less put actual clothes on. honestly, this is what dresses were made for. a one stop shop. you don’t have to worry about if this shirt matches those pants. you don’t have to find your belt. just throw the dress on. pick a pair of shoes. and you are good to go hunny! Continue reading “BLUE BLOODS”