Skincare Essentials: Masking

whether you have normal, oily, or combination skin, there’s a mask out there for you. face masks are great for selfies, self care, and self love. it’s that extra step in skin care that really levels you up. Here are some of my favorites out of my (unnecisarily) large collection.

for a deep detox

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kiehl’s rare earth deep pore clansing masque is packed with some of the best ingredients to draw out your skin’s impurities. amazonian white clay is known to remove bacteria, toxins, dead cells, and excess oil. one solid layer of this mask clears out pores & reveals clean, fresh skin.

origins clear improvement charcoal honey mask is a slight upgrade from their original charcoal mask formula. the bamboo charcoal from the original penetrates deep, drawing out the dirt & impurities dwelling in the pores. and the added honey is the necessary nourishment to leave the skin healthy & smooth. a perfect mask for sensitive, acne prone skin.

for balancing oily skin

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ole henriksen cold plunge pore mask was a game changing release this year. great results came along with the bomb selfies that came from using this mask. in one use, this mask instantly shrinks pores and draws out oils. the cold plunge mask is packed with AHAs and BHAs that balance oils, improve skin texture, and detoxifies the skin.

freeman apple cider vinegar mask is a 4-in-1 product. they say you can cleanse, scrub, tone, and mask with it. i only use it to mask & tone. it’s great at drying out the oils in my t-zone, without drying me out completely. apple cider vinegar is known to help tone & balance skin, as well as improving elasticity. the effects from this mask last me about 5 days. that’s pretty long lasting results, okay sis!

for maximum hydration

summer fridays jet lag mask is a cult favorite at this point. this mask is your best bet at soft, smooth, glowy skin! the jet lag mask debuted this year, and it was made to combat what’s in the name. you know how harsh traveling can be on your skin, right? but that can happen any day. especially in the winter, feeling dried out is the norm. but with the jet lag mask, you get a concoction of vitamins a, c, and e to bring your glow back & block all the bad environmental factors. the best part is that you don’t need to wash this mask off. just lay an even layer on your face, let it sink in to your skin, and watch the magic happen!

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the body shop ehtiopian honey face mask is a hidden gem. you either love the body shop’s face mask collection, or you’ve never heard of it. there’s honestly no in between. their honey face mask is made from community trade honey, marula oil, and olive oil – which is the perfect blend of natural goodies for a natural glow. the consistency of the mask feels like you’re literally drenched in honey. it’s thick, but in the best way. does that appeal to you? it does to me.

for exfoliation

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the body shop chinese ginseng & rice mask is a creamy exfoliating mask. it is a blend of ginseng extract, rice extract, and sesame seed oil. the active ingredient, rice, is known to polish away dead skin and support healthy turnover.

andalou naturals pumpkin honey glycolic mask is a mask full of chemical exfoliants. pumpkin is a natural enzyme that brightens and smooths the texture of skin by removing dead cells. glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that dissolves cells reveals radiant skin.


2019 GOALS

hello, 2019.

i read an amazing book last year, extreme living by Keith Veney. this book, along with the right influences, have led me to change my life in one major way: be intentional. every move i make must serve a purpose. the purpose can be something as small as “to fill my heart with joy,” but it cannot be as frivolous as “i felt like it.”

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this year, i decided to take the time to reflect on 2018. i took this first week of the year to plan how to go after what i want in this new year. taking the time to evaluate my highs & my lows, so i can successfully move forward. the most important part was focusing less on my lows, and more on my highs. what were my accomplishments? how did i reach those levels? what did they bring me? by focusing my energy on my high points, i’m reassuring myself that i am on the path to success. so last year:


  • i consistently worked with shea moisture & influenster to review products and create content, success.
  • i launched my blog, success.
  • i traveled to a new city, success.
  • i minimized my lifestyle after 2 years of trying, success.
  • i lost 20+ pounds, success.

these may be mini accomplishments, but they stand out as major for me. at the end of the year, i didn’t even remember my resolutions. why? i wasn’t tracking any of them. as most people don’t. the new year sorta flies by. you anticipate it, you come up with some pretty solid ideas for ways you can change. but then, you’re faced with new year’s eve. so you party, get the last bit of your bad habits out of your system (maybe), the ball drops, and boom it’s a new year just like that. in the matter of a literal second. and maybe you stick with your resolutions for the first month, but then life happens, and you sorta lose sight of it. so let’s make this year different. let’s make a plan & hold ourselves to it. i’ll start…

in this year i want to start my career in beauty, cut my debt in half, and consistently post on my blog. now what is that going to take? faith, pereseverance, support, and my planners.

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the most important goal of mine is cutting my debt in half. i spent the last year feeling like the more i owed, the less i was free to do. it casued the quickest & longest episode i’ve gone through in my life. i started to feel trapped in different aspects of my life – my job, my home, my overall freedom. this year, i have taken control of my finances. i have assured myself that my debt is manageable, and i am capable of getting rid of at least half of it by new year’s eve. aside from taking on side hustles like lyft & taskrabbit, this will be achieved by creating a strict budget & fully abiding by it.

the second most important goal is securing a job in the beauty industry. cosmetology is the highest passion of mine, and i did not recognize it until i was 21, 4 years out of high school, and already making strides in different career paths. i am turning 25 this year which means i spent another 4 years working jobs i still didn’t love. this year i am committed to getting my foot in the door. i will stay true to this by only applying to jobs with a connection to cosmetology. from there i will be on the right track, creating a network to grow in the industry. i don’t expect it to come easy, but as long as i am putting myself in the realm of beauty, i am sure that i can make this happen.

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consistently posting on my blog, is the easiest goal of mine in my opinion. but that doesn’t mean it comes without work & dedication. my blog is based on the idea that there’s always something to do. when i originally wanted to start my blog it was meant to be the motivator to get me out the house. my best friend & i were always lounging around the house, when we really wanted to get up, get out, and do something. my blog is my escape from the grown up life. while i’m working my way towards financial freedom & career i can be proud of, i need time to still enjoy my life. there’s at least one day i am free every week, and that one day is dedicated to creating content for my blog. this is without negotiation.

so now it’s your turn. what is at least one goal you have for the year? and what exactly are you going to do to make it happen?