img_3027my “out & about” series is all about the dmv. i’ve lived here my entire life, and the one thing i can promise you is that there’s always something to do. from maryland to d.c. to virginia, there’s something for you. so whether you live here too, or you’re just visiting “out & about” is your new personal tour guide.


now, what did i tell you in the last post? the smithsonian area is a dc gem. there’s so much to do that by time you’ve done it all, there’s something new for you to see so you have to start all over again. dc is home to a few FREE art museums. art museums feel like home to me. i go just to stare & appreciate the work put into each piece. the colors, the materials, the structure, the variety of it all – it captivates me & warms my heart. i’m not one of the people who want to look & dissect every piece. i just want to admire it in the moment & let it inspire me to create my own art, ya know?

imgp2513one of my favorite places to go downtown is the hirshhorn museum. if you live here, i feel like you’re supposed to know this place. and if you don’t, here is your introduction to it.┬áthe hirshhorn is easy to find, as it’s this large circle in the middle of the city. you’ll spot some of the art from a block away, with the sculptures outside in the plaza. the hirshhorn is home to contemporary art exhibits that last for a season or two. one of the most known & appreciated pieces is barbara kreuger’s belief + doubt exhibit that lines the walls & floors of the basement. i’m sure you’ve seen the photos! one of the most popular exhibits at the moment is rafael lozano-hemmer: pulse – it’s an interactive exhibit that mixes art & technology to create a captivating experience for visitors. kids & adults alike will enjoy the magic of it all. but if you’re more like me, one who is drawn to colors & composition, maybe you’ll find charline von heyl: snake eyes to be the star of the show. these painting stole my heart.

there’s more exhibits to check out, and even more coming in the next few months. so what are you waiting for?