bc6c8104-5135-4a69-a286-471c5f63b99byou can always count on d.c. to make winter really feel like winter, ya know? cue “winter things” by ariana grande. there’s christmas decorations all over. just before christmas, it’s the perfect winter wonderland. there’s almost always snowfall before winter even officially starts. specialty cocoas at all the cafes, and the best ones have fireplaces that you can cozy up to. most importanly, there’s an outdoor ice skating rink in the middle of d.c.!



Processed with VSCO with fr4 presetif you’re from the area, you know down by the capitol is one of the most popular areas to hang out. there’s museums, gardens, monuments, food trucks, and more. you see so much & have the opportunity to learn a lot just by taking a trip down to the smithsonian area. and for the most part everthing is extremely affordable (most of them being free), so an exciting adventure won’t cost you much.



Processed with VSCO with fr4 presetthis particular adventure will only cost you $13 ($9 if you already have your own skates). ┬áthe sculpture garden’s ice skating rink is dc tradition. if you talk to the right people, you’ll hear the generational stories of folks taking their kids downtown to go ice skating. it really is a good time. pros & amateurs alike will make their way out to the rink for some fun. you get to skate around (or fall flat on your ass) for about 2 hours. there’s 15 minute intermissions every 45 minutes so they can refresh the ice. that gives you just enought time to check out the cute cafe right behind the rink. grab a cocoa to warm you up & keep you in the holiday cheer! 42aac6b4-a938-47bf-8771-449c5b1f2a26

i dragged my best friend, nadia, with me to embarrass ourselves on the ice. so go drag yours and see how long you can go without falling. it’s in business all season, until march 10, 2019 .