I once read somewhere that your 20s are supposed to be about you. Your wants and your needs not only being put first, but being fulfilled.

So how do you do that?

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Our 20s aren’t for slacking, we still have work to do folks. Find your dream. If you’ve found it by now, make sure you’re actually going for it. If you haven’t found it yet, take a little time. We’ve got this whole decade. Take on part time jobs, if you can. Talk to your friends, your family. See what they do & see if any of it ignites any motivation for you. I’ve seen so many people, me included, stuck in jobs that don’t make them happy. Don’t be that person (i’m begging you). Money is important, trust me I get it. But making money while achieving a goal or a dream just hits different. When you follow your dreams, you’ll see such a huge difference in your confidence & the way you carry yourself overall. So find your dreams & give them your all.


Your life is yours to live. Don’t spend it doing so much of what will only make everybody else happy. Stop apologizing. If you took time to care for yourself or do something that made you happy, you did the right thing. Unless it was murder, don’t do that. But stop apologizing for not having time to hang out every weekend. Stop apologizing for not having a couple dollars to loan. Stop apologizing for going to the movies instead of showing up for that birthday dinner. Your friends & family are important, but to be there for them you have to be there for yourself. You can say no. You can forget. And you don’t have to apologize for it. I’m not saying be a jackass. I’m also not saying that you should only be all about yourself. I am saying, find your balance. Remember, relationships should always have give & take.

3. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR SPACEProcessed with VSCO with ku1 preset

Your space is precious. Sometimes, a lot of the times, we tend to be really generous with it. Maybe, learn to protect it a little more. In our 20s we meet so many people. We go out. We stay in, but then stay online. We go to work. New people are everywhere & there’s essentially no way to escape them. And with every encounter, we’re sharing our energy, our minds, our hearts, our time. It’s spread in every place we go, even when we don’t talk. Be careful to only be in places & spaces where you’re comfortable and safe. Protect yourself, your mind, and most importantly your sanity.

This is just the start. Essentially, just do whatever it is that will make you genuinely happy. Just remember to put yourself first, and you’ll make the most of your 20s.






What is minimalism? Is it having a specific color palette for your clothes? Is it only buying one color for all your furniture & home decor? Is it only owning one brush? A 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner? A soap that you can use for you, your dishes, and your laundry?

Minimalism, for me, has completely been about the journey. It’s nowhere near done either. I’m essentially clearing out anything that I wouldn’t define as a necessity, so that I have the mental & physical space to prosper. Where did this all come from? DEBT. Am I the only one who adopted minimalism to save themselves from debt? I figured if I could own less and buy less, I can afford to do more & be more in this lifetime.

I think, as millenials, we want too much. We see it, we like it, we buy it. Why? Because we can. The internet makes it really easy to get all the things. I can wake up, open Instagram, watch a story where an influencer has really cute boots, swipe up to buy them, use PayPal to pay for them in the same 60 seconds that I’m brushing my teeth. Have you done this, because I have. I’m not ashamed of doing it, I’m ashamed of not being careful when I do it. Sometimes, I shop out of my budget. Sometimes, I go out and pay for dinners I could make at home for a third of the price. I do, my friends do, maybe you do. Sometimes it’s just really easy to get caught up in having all the things you want, you end up with way more than what you really need.

I have been working hard to clear my spaces, both physically & mentally, and fill them only with the things to get me by. Now, this looks different for everybody, but I think at least 90% of minimalists start with their closet. I’ve narrowed my wardrobe down to certain colors that always match. Therefore, I don’t shop for clothes much at all. This has cut down my spending costs by 80% at least. I used to go to the mall once a week, and would never walk out empty handed. Now that my wardrobe is only black, white, and tan (for the most part), I feel like it’s complete. In addition to spending less, I’m also selling a lot of my old clothes that don’t fit in with the new color palette. So if you want to find some new clothes for under $10, feel free to check out my Poshmark closet (shameless plug. did i mention I have debt?)

After clearing out my closet, I cleared out my room. Just a smidge. I live in my parent’s basement, so I don’t have much in there to begin with. But I realized that I value space more than things. I took a day to get rid of the things that I kept from my apartment that made no difference in my life. Doing so created so much open space for me to have to just BE. I wake up to less mess. I have room to do my mini workouts. I even sleep better, so much better I don’t want to get out of bed most times. It’s comfortable, and clearing out the clutter helped to clear out my mind. I feel so at peace now.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have plenty of things. And I am definitely obsessed with what I do own. If you’ve ever seen my vanity, then you know. The biggest change that minimalism has made is…it taught me intention, over everything else. I don’t do anything that doesn’t move me forward. From the jobs I choose to apply for, to the places I hang out at with my friends, to how & when I spend time alone. It really is the simpler things in life that make it worth while.