why have one stripe, when you can have thirty?

mixing patterns with graphics is becoming a fashion habit of mine.


it’s such a simple look, made a little more fun with the pops of yellow. i’ve declared yellow my color of the season. which is so crazy because i never thought i could pull it of. i was too afraid of it blending with my skin tone. but…like…do you see me? i’m so cute in yellow. we make a good pair.

working in an office, i try to balance my casual moments with my professional moments. usually my tops will be the center of attention, while my pants are one color as to not make the outfit TOO loud. i aim to make the quiet statement of “my clothes speak for me, because i don’t want to.” ya know? my outfits speak for my mind, my mood.

it’s clear the shirt is the star of this show. i love love love the mix of bananas and stripes. i’m looking for more tees mixing prints with patterns. or patterns with patterns.  and the more colors, the better.

how do you mix up your style?

Processed with VSCO with fr4 presetProcessed with VSCO with fr4 preset

top: zara

pants: cynthia rowley

shoes: target

backpack: target



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