Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as you’re going to get to strip down to your best lingerie. Well actually, any day is a good day to strip down to your best lingerie. If not for your significant other, then at least for yourself. I mean, if we’re being serious, it’s a great confidence boost to see yourself in the mirror looking like this…

So what’s it going to be? The crushed red velvet? The pink lace? The nude satin? The black leather?

If you’re having a little trouble finding the perfect pieces to hug your curves, I’m here to help. Here’s some of my favorite places to shop for lingerie:

IMG_2908AS YOU ARE INTIMATES: Instagram gives you access to so many great things. The lovely lady shown up above is one ofmy favorite people to follow @mynamesdiana. She is a model, and she once worked for this brand, As You Are Intimates (owned by Skylar Marshai, a beautiful Black woman). I instantly fell in love with the brand after seeing shots of Diana from a photoshoot for the company’s rebranding a couple years back. The collections Skylar creates are so beautiful, specifically made for each and every woman. As you shop the site, you will notice when picking your size there is a bar that says AsIAm❤️. IMG_2910It’s there for you to put in your exact measurements so your lingerie fits just right, making you feel your absolute best when you have it on. Your measurements are then saved in their system for future orders, and if anything changes you can always update it. Customizing to your exact fit is the reason why As You Are is at the top of my list. They really know how to treat a woman right.

this place has really surprised me when it comes to their intimates. You just don’t know what you’re going to get with Forever 21 sometimes. They’re big on graphics, but now they’ve really broken in to mature and sexy styles. Not only in lingerie, their clothes too. Let’s stay focused, though. Forever 21 lingerie is sexy, sheer, and fun. The styles are exactly what you need in your 20s. There’s something for everyone! 0Teddies, robes, sets, bodysuits! Pink, red, black, white, floral! Lace, satin, mesh, leather! XS – 3X! Forever 21 is in almost every mall, so you can find a great selection of lingerie in no time. As we all know, Forever 21 is affordable, good for anyone’s budget.  The one thing I will say is that not all of these pieces are cut from the finest cloth. So be delicate.


Gabi Fresh On The Rocks Strappy Suspender BeltPLAYFUL PROMISES: another gem brought to me by Instagram. After following @hantisedeloubli, I found Playful Promises. She wears it so well, so proudly, and the designs are jaw dropping. Once I saw that another Instagram fav, @gabifresh, had a collection with them I flew straight to their website (sidetone: the Gabs Fresh collection is also sold on forever21.com). The designs from this brand are insanely sexy, from harness bras, pasties, and playsuits to the suspenders, garters, and hosiery to tie a look all together. Playful Promises bra sizes go from 28DD to a 44G, so I hope if you’re reading this you can find something on their website. I love that this London based brand is so embracing of sex appeal, and being comfortable with your body. Juliet Red Roll On GirdleThe women featured all over their webpage are so amazingly beautiful because they’re OWNING not only the lingerie they’re in, but the skin they’re in. If you needed one more reason to shop with Playful Promises, during Valentine’s season they will be donating 20% of the sales on select items from their Valentine collection to the fight against ovarian cancer. 

the most costly of them all. I wouldn’t advise buying from here unless you’re rolling in dough, but it’s nice to dream. Agent Provocateur was my first real lingerie desire, after Christina Aguilera sang it in “But I Am a Good Girl” from Burlesque. She looked so elegantly sexy in the scene, I just wanted to know everything she was talk about so I Googled it and was so amazed. I was 16, okay. I remember the first time I ever came face to face with all of it, in NY Bloomingdale’s. I was in love. I wanted all of it. The lingerie and the accessories will fulfill all your 50 Shades fantasies. When I think of Agent Provocateur, I think of complete sexual liberation.



3 thoughts on “TAKE IT ALL OFF

    1. oh no, that’s not me in the photo. just a model (mynamesdiana) I really love. but thanks so much, my biggest goal was to include something for all sizes because I don’t have a single friend shaped like me, but I love all their bodies so much. every woman’s body is so beautiful to me.

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