IMG_E590E61D2029-1Millenials are coming in strong with entrepreneurship & major money moves in 2018. Especially the women.Day in & day out I find another #girlboss to admire, follow, and read up on for tips & inspiration. Even if they don’t own a company (yet), women are found in high places in their respected industry. We are CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs. This comes with time & sacrifice. After all, we know nothing worth having comes easy. Women are definitely making their mark & making their way, proving we are every bit as valuable as our male counterparts. Nothing stands in the way of a woman with a dream – she’s determined, passionate, and capable. Continue reading “#OBSESSED: POWERSUITS”


We hear it all the time: “history repeats itself,” “its not old, its vintage,” “it’s making a comeback!”

It’s true. It will always be true. Every year, my mom tells me how cool my clothes used to be back in the 90s, or the 80s. I bet yours does too. They’ll never let us just live in our moment, okay. Their prime years created it, and we’ll just have to accept the fact. Why? Because we bring it back, and we take it to the next level. Continue reading “#OBSESSED: 90s SUNGLASSES”


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Exfoliating your skin may be the most overlooked and under-appreciated step of a good skincare routine, after toning of course. We’ll talk about that another day, one step at a time. Continue reading “SKINCARE ESSENTIALS: EXFOLIATION”


Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as you’re going to get to strip down to your best lingerie. Well actually, any day is a good day to strip down to your best lingerie. If not for your significant other, then at least for yourself. I mean, if we’re being serious, it’s a great confidence boost to see yourself in the mirror looking like this… Continue reading “TAKE IT ALL OFF”


Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Tell me, who do you love more than your best girlfriends? Continue reading “$25 OR LESS: GALENTINE’S DAY”