You know how this goes…


New Year’s Eve comes and goes. You partied all night and counted down the seconds to the new year you’ve been waiting so long for. This year was fun, but now it’s time for all the fortune next year will bring. So what fortune are you looking for? Losing weight? ‘Cause when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good. What about saving up more? It’s time for a new car, maybe a new house.

Everyone has a resolution (even if they don’t say it out loud). The question is: how many of us stick to it?

It’s so exciting to think of all these things to accomplish, but actually doing them is a completely different ball game. Here’s my countdown of the top 5 New Year’s resolutions I’ve heard year after year, and how to actually make them happen…

5. Cutting out negativity and toxic relationships

What you say: “Leaving all the haters and bad vibes in 2017. All smiles, love, and happiness this year.”

Face the facts: You need to take a step back. Take some time and evaluate your relationships with everyone you keep close. Most importantly, evaluate yourself. You truly can be your own worst enemy. Give yourself the time that is necessary to really think about the lows of 2017, and how you’re going to avoid a repeat in 2018. You’re only enduring what it is that you allow. You should smile, feel love, and exude joy & happiness. The only way to do it, is to know where you’re going to find it. Know what makes you happy, know who makes you happy, and know why. Be sure that the happiness isn’t artificial or superficial. From there, you really will feel a life that radiates positivity.

4. Travel

What you say: “I’m going to see 10 different cities & travel the seven seas before the year is over!”

Face the facts: Traveling is good for everybody at all ages, and it really can be that easy. Okay, maybe not traveling all seven seas (do you even have a passport?). Everybody wants to go somewhere & see something new. The problem here is, you probably want to go far & wide. You want to take that trip across the country to do all the fun things you see on Instagram. That’s a fun goal, but start small. Life doesn’t always allow you the time or the money to take that trip from coast to coast. So take that weekend that you have off, pack your bag, grab a friend and hit the road for a mini trip. The U.S. has 50 states, go visit one that’s just a few hours away. I bet you haven’t seen all your next state neighbors. Go see something new, do something new, eat something new. Don’t wait around for that big trip to finally come together. Always keep it in mind, it’s your heart’s desire so don’t give up on it. But trust me, small road trips can be just as fun and fulfilling.

3. Healthier eating habits & lifestyle

What you say: “No meats, no processed foods, no sugars. Only fruits, veggies, and water for me. My body is my temple, what I put in is what I get out.”

Face the facts: It’s never too late to practice good health, but let’s be real…it’s not something you can just do overnight. Baby steps: cut back, then cut out. Going cold turkey almost always fails. Also, do your research. Everyday I hear about a new diet that seems doable and absolutely life changing. But you can’t trust that what’s working for someone online will work for you. You’re uniquely you, with a different height, weight, build, metabolism, medical history, etc.

2. Saving money

What you say: “This year I’m putting half of my earnings into my savings account. This is the year I get my new car!”

Face the facts: That may actually work if you’re making good money with little to none of it going towards bills. However, a vast majority of us can’t put half our check away and still sustain a decent life. Come up with a savings plan that really works for you and have a long-term goal for it. There’s tips & tricks & challenges everywhere to help you get started. Save for that car, the down payment on a house, your dream vacation. There’s 3 things to really focus on when you’re saving: spend less, budget smart, and put the money in a high yield savings account (to gain as much interest as possible).

1. Working out & losing (or gaining) weight

What you say: “I’m going to hit the gym everyday, hit the treadmill hard, lift 120, and be at my perfect weight by March.”

Face the facts: I am most guilty of this one. It’s just like eating healthy, that weight won’t fix itself in just one workout (no matter how many calories you burned running on that treadmill). One of the biggest mistakes with exercise is not actually knowing what will get you where you want to be. Not everybody needs intense cardio or super heavy lifting. Learn your body’s needs. Research, research, research! Do you want to tone your abs? Have stronger arms? Grow & firm your booty? What is it that you’re really working for? Know that first, then go through the motions of trial & error to really find an exercise routine that works perfect for you.

Another tip: try to make your goal visual, rather than a numerical. You’ll fight so hard to get to a number that might not even be best for you. Work hard on your weight so you can look in the mirror and be proud of the progress you’ve made!


  • take it slow, you’ve got time. rushing can make you feel pressured & overwhelmed ultimately leading to you giving up.
  • make your goal within your reach.
  • create a vision board, and keep it in a place you’ll always see.
  • never go in blind, do some research.
  • remember that you never have to go it alone. surround yourself with people who have the same goal & motivate each other.
  • don’t wait. start today. not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. go for it NOW!



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